Well hello there!

So here is a little bit about me and what to expect from this blog. I am a maker of things. I am a baker of deliciousness. I am a master at figuring out almost how to do something. I have never had a lot of patients to read entire blog posts, I usually just skip to the nitty gritty and read just enough info to be on my way. I am not great at following directions. I use recipes as guidelines. I haven’t managed to screw stuff up too bad and have learned a lot along the way. People always ask me “How do you make this?” or “How did you learn how to do that?” “How long do you bake it?” “At what temp?” All of my answers go something like this…”Little of this, little of that.” “I just balled some stuff up and used this stuff and it worked!” “Dunno 400 degrees?” “Bake until you smell it”. But you know what, I have made some amazing things. Sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes holiday décor, sometimes theme parties, sometimes I fix things around the house, and sometimes I make model train scenery for my friends’ little boy! I am not a pro at anything but I’m willing to try everything! Life is all about problem solving after all.

Basically if explicit directions are your thing, this might not be the blog for you. But if you love adventure and like to wing it a little than this is definitely the place for you!!!

Welcome to Almost Fine Craftsmanship

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