More Fun Than A S’More


Don’t get me wrong, I love a good s’more, until the entire contents drip out of the back on to my hands. I don’t super love my hands being messy and I am a notoriously messy eater. So for a neater alternative I tried something on the grill one day, S’more cones -or- Candy Cones. Call them what you want they are DELICIOUS!

Step one: Buy huge waffle cones

Step two: collect ingredients such as mini marshmallows, fruit, chocolate candy, pretzels….whatever makes you drool.

Step three: Plug the bottom of the cone with a few marshmallows.

Step four: Fillin fun! Stuff those cones however you want!!

***Today I tried a new creation and it is my favorite….. Salted Caramel Apple!!  Marshmallow, Milk Chocolate, Cinnamon Dusted Diced Apples, little pretzals, and the real prize winner…GOETZE’S CARAMEL CREAMS!!!!! Man alive, it was like eating fall. It was amazing.***

Step five: wrap in foil making sure its all bundled well.

Step 6: place on grill or campfire, turning often, for anywhere from 3-5 mins.

Step 7: My favorite step. EAT.

That’s it, not as messy as a s’more, and so fun to personalize!! I’d love to see the combos you all come up with!!

And remember, foil is recyclable!!!



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